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Harvest has Begun in Thayer County

Harvest is in full swing but the recent rainy weather has put farmers a little bit behind.

According to Larry Seaman, grain location manager at Norders in Hebron, harvest is a week to ten days behind, particularly with the soy bean crop. The dry land crop was suffering but the rain revived it since the crop hadn’t matured all the way.

Farmers have also started planting wheat, which according to Seaman, has been holding up the process since dry land bean being green are unable to be harvested off the same field as wheat.

“Wheat acres could be down and some farmers could opt not to sow wheat if it gets much later,” said Seaman. “But it looks like it will continue.”

The continuous moisture will help the wheat crop get off to a good start.

“Yields have been very good,” said Seaman. “Everyone has been very happy.”

Dry land beans have yielded 40-55 bushels per acre. Irrigated beans have yielded 60-75 bushels per acre. Dry land corn has yielded 140 bushels and in some fields approaching 200 bushels per acre.

“Continue on and be safe,” said Seaman. “Slow down a notch. It’s better to be safe.”

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