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Hebron woman sent to prison

Shane M. Buster, 24, formerly of Hebron, was sentenced to 3-5 years at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York last week on a probation revocation. In probation revocations, sentencing goes back to the original charge, and in this case, Buster was convicted of attempted distribution of a controlled substance, which is a class III felony.

Last month, Buster was sentenced to ten days in the Thayer County jail for violating two conditions of the probation order and was serving those days at the York facility due to lack of room at the local law enforcement center.

Nebraska Health and Human Services also removed three of Buster’s four children from their home in Belvidere prior to her arrest after she tested positive for methamphetamine use in May 2011.

Originally she was given 48 months of probation on the distribution conviction, plus 48 hours in the Thayer County jail in February 2010. She was convicted of committing a drug transaction with an undercover police officer Jan. 8, 2009, in Hebron.

At the sentencing last Thursday, Buster was also given 17 days credit for time served.

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