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LBNRD committee votes against proposed Davenport dam

The Little Blue Natural Resources District’s Projects and Planning Committee voted against the new proposed dam near Davenport on June 25.

According to Mike Onnen, manager of the LBNRD, the vote from the committee was 6-2 to terminate the project.

The Projects and Planning Committee is made up of eight members from across the entire district.

Last fall, the LBNRD board of directors authorized the reevaluation of a 34-year old plan for a dam to be built two miles north of Davenport. Benefits from the project primarily include groundwater recharge and flood control.

Over 100 area residents attended the informational meeting on June 6. At that meeting, Mike Sotak of Omaha based FYRA Engineering explained the two options available for the dam.

The first option features a dam used mainly for flood control and groundwater recharge. The second option includes plans for recreational use as well as helping with flood control and groundwater recharge.

The recreational option would cost a total of $23.2 million. The flood control and groundwater recharge option would cost $11.8 million.

At that same meeting, public input was taken. During that time, area residents and landowners conveyed strong negative reactions to the proposed dam.

Although the committee voted against the proposed dam, it doesn’t mean that the idea is off the table completely. The project still needs to be voted on by the entire board of directors.

It will go before the board of directors with the recommendation from the committee to terminate the project.

The LBNRD board of directors will meet July 9 at 7:30 to make a final decision on the Davenport dam project.

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