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Reinke To Build Apartment Complex In Deshler

Shown above is a mock-up of the apartment complex to be building in Deshler. 

Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc. in Deshler continues to grow and invest in the local community.  Reinke is a worldwide leader in the development and production of precision irrigation equipment. With that leadership position comes the need to add more personnel to support its growth. 

Chris Roth, Reinke President stated, “We are always in need of more employees and in order to draw them to the community – they need affordable housing.”  Based on these needs, the decision was made to build an eight unit apartment complex with two bedrooms in each unit.  Expected completion is Spring of 2023.

Reinke is proud to continue to invest in Thayer County.  “Drawing more persons to the area helps support the community and the local businesses,” said Chris Roth. “Reinke continues to grow and anyone interested in a new career can find opportunities at www.reinke.com.” 

This project would not have been possible without the help, assistance and support from Mayor Julie Deepe and the Deshler City Council.