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Unofficial Election Results

Thayer County has 73% voter turnout.

Following the provisional ballot count, a proposed bond issue for an $11 million upgrade to Thayer Central Community Schools did not pass by a margin of 19 votes. Final count for Proposition A: For…696 – Against…715. Proposition B: For…567 – Against…827. Thayer County election official Marie Rauner said in the case of a bond issue, there is no provision for a recount and if the issue fails, it may not appear in an election for six months.

Thayer County stayed true to the Republican Party voting for new leadership in the nation and state. Voters signaled a desire for Mitt Romney to take the chief spot in the White House opting to oust the current president Barack Obama.

At the state level the Republican ticket also ruled as voters sought to have Deb Fischer’s representation in the U.S. Senate and Adrian Smith speak for them in Congress.

Following are Thayer County’s unofficial results for the 2012 general election at press time.

President and Vice President
(vote for one)
Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan    1855
Barack Obama/Joseph R. Biden, Jr.    726
Gary Johnson/James P. Gray    41
By Petition:
Randall A. Terry/Marjorie Smith    9

United States Senate
(vote for one)
Republican: Deb Fischer    1725
Democrat: Bob Kerrey    902

Representative in Congress
(vote for one)
Republican: Adrian Smith    1954
Democrat: Mark Sullivan    594

County Commissioner
(vote for one)
Democrat: Chris Frye    1996

Board of Regents University of Nebraska
(vote for one)
District 5:
Lavon L. Heidemann    1298
Mike Jones    785

Judge of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court – shall Judge James Michael Fitzgerald be retained?
Yes    1464
No    536

For Judge of the District Court – shall Judge Vicky L. Johnson be retained?
Yes    1463
No    773

SCC Board of Governors
(vote for one)
District 1:
Robert J. Feit    1639
At Large:
Jim Garver    619
Steven Ottmann    930

Little Blue Natural Resources District
Board of Directors
(vote for one)
Subdistrict 1:
No Filing
Subdistrict 2:  
Charles Rainforth    1604
Subdistrict 3:
Jeremy Groves    1571
Subdistrict 4:
Ross A. Fisher    1573
Subdistrict 5:
Steven Shaw    1600
Subdistrict 6:
Sacha Lemke    1800
Subdistrict 7:
Alan D. Wiedel    1925
Subdistrict 8:
James Cunningham    735
Wayne Schultis    1024
Norris Public Power District
(vote for one)
Subdivision 11:
Bruce D. Tegtmeier    87
Wesley Siebenneicher    81

South Central Public Power District
(vote for one)
Subdivision 4:
John Greer    4

Educational Service Unit No. 5
(vote for one)
District 2:
Debra K. Meyer    296
Educational Service Unit No. 6
District 2:
Dale Kahla    5
Educational Service Unit No. 9
District 4:
Kenneth A. Spray    

Thayer County Noxious Weed Board
(vote for two)
Dale Hoops    1741
Jonathan Peters    154

Bruning District #94:
(vote up to three)
Daniel Domeier    215
Sarah Bolte    233
Davenport District #47:
(vote for three)
Ron Holeman    146
Jeff Hoins    169
Rod Tegtmeier    159
Deshler District #60:
(vote for three)
Brian Isernhagen    430
Maurice Schardt    289
Wayne E. Pohlmann    187
Andrew Schmidt    404
Scott Finke    173
Thayer Central District #70:
(vote for three)
Michael Prellwitz    923
Curt A. Mumm    995
Deborah Craig    876
Fairbury District #8:
(vote for three)
Richard P. Zimmerman    10
Brian Starck    10
Daniel Lufkin    8
Jody Starr    13
Meridian District #303:
(vote for one)
Gary Mussman    98
Shickley District #54:
(vote up to three)
Tim Lichti    9
Les Schlegel    7

City and Village
Alexandria Board:
(vote for three)
Margie L. Durflinger    57
Jeremy VanWesten    63
Rick Laughinghouse    15
Mark S. Anderson    57
Greg Walburn    18
Belvidere Board:
(vote for two)
James Edwards    9
Kent Williamson    14
Bruning Board:
(vote for two)
Jeffrey L. Krehnke    101
Jerry A. Catlett    134
Byron Board:
(vote up to two)
Richard D. Poppe    46
Carleton Board:
(vote for two)
Don G. Calahan    32
Shawn Winans    33
Chester Board:
(vote up to three)
Everett Roop    93
Joseph R. Carbonneau    98
Davenport Board:
(vote for two)
Jeremy Littrel    103
Harold Stone    49
Terry Enghauser    39
Gilead Board:
(vote for three)
Gary George    9
Lyle Keilwitz    11
Larry Whitton    12
(vote up to two)
No Filing
Deshler Council:
(vote for three)
William Brenn    236
Carol Deepe    32
Bruce W. Finke    197
Nicky D. Bartling    105
Glenn Bartling    196
Eugene D. Mueller    161
Hebron Council:
(vote for one)
Ward I:
James Summers    166
Ward II:
Elizabeth A. Goldhammer    160
Ward III:
No Filing

Hebron Airport Authority Board
(vote up to two)
Marlowe D. Huber    616

Thayer County School District
Proposition A:
For    695
Against    702
Proposition B:
For    567
Against    813

Hubbell Community Hall Levy Override
For    34
Against    21

Amendment 1: Grounds for Impeachment
For    1971
Against    381
Amendment 2: Right to hunt and fish
For    1947
Against    451
Amendment 3: Term Limits
For    789
Against    1675
Amendment 4: Lawmaker Salaries
For    693
Against    1801

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